Unexpected Benefits of a Commercial Tint

If you own or rent a commercial space, you are no doubt always looking for ways to keep the costs of running your business down. Energy efficiency improvements can lead to reduced energy usage and smaller utility bills. But did you know that energy management can also... read more

How To Instantly Improve Your Energy Costs

In 2018, we are set to see our bills for energy costs soar, as energy companies announce a 10-20 percent price increase. Victorian households will most likely feel this pinch around February and March this year, as back to school expenses pile up and in the wake of... read more

Keep Xmas Heat Outside

A home window tint can reduce the thermal rays coming through your windows resulting in a reduction of the heat radiating through the pane. This is one of the top reasons for tinting windows in your home, and heading into summer this is a great time to get this done.... read more

The finishing touches: Home design that delights

In the same way that structural integrity is important in residential building, the design of a house’s interior must be based on sound knowledge and careful analysis. Many people think that interior design is only about aesthetics but it plays a key role in... read more

5 Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

If you are a Teppas customer who owns a business or works in a commercial space, you may understand the frustration associated with direct sunlight streaming in! Business owners with a commercial space need to be protecting their investments from the damage caused by... read more

Reduce Your Heat Loss This Winter

Winter is well and truly here, but did you know you are losing a lot of your precious heat out of poorly insulated windows? A correctly applied and chosen EnerLogic window film from Teppas Group can reduce heat loss out of windows by up to 92%. EnerLogic window films... read more

Décor ideas to add value to your home.

Open any magazine and you’ll find pictures of perfectly decorated rooms that make the home look like a million dollars. While it gives the impression of luxury, some of the decorating techniques are quite simple and easy to achieve. You may prefer to have your house... read more

How window tinting can change your home.

Have you ever settled down in your lounge to watch television and pesky glare blocks half your screen? Have you ever sat down to work in your study and realised you are actually getting sunburnt? As we (hopefully) move into the warm and sunny end of the year, home... read more
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