Open any magazine and you’ll find pictures of perfectly decorated rooms that make the home look like a million dollars. While it gives the impression of luxury, some of the decorating techniques are quite simple and easy to achieve.
You may prefer to have your house looking like a show home, but when you have a busy lifestyle, children and pets to consider, creating comfort for your family is also very important.
Here are some decorating ideas that demonstrate how changing one aspect of the décor makes your rooms a delight to be in while not detracting from their practical use. They can help you overcome some problem areas of your home as well.

Adding Space

When it comes to adding an impression of space, a strategically placed mirror can work miracles. You can use them to add light to a dark corner, make the room appear much longer than it is, or create a dynamic focal point for the room. The cost of a large mirror is more than compensated for by the result of having your home feel more spacious.

Adding Luxury

Whatever style of furniture you own you can add a touch of luxury to a room by choosing curtains made from beautiful materials. Make sure you choose a colour that blends with the rest of the décor and that the curtains reach right down to the floor and are not “flying half-mast.” Team this with plush cushions that can be plumped up to make your seating more comfortable. Mix and match the cushion shapes and colours to add interest.

Adding Colour

Instead of having every wall in a room the same colour, choose one wall to be a feature, especially behind a large or important piece of furniture. Wallpaper works wonderfully in the hallway the lounge room or in the bedroom. Wallpapering behind the bedhead can make a bedroom look spectacular and adds a sense of grandeur. You can also use paint to create a special wall. Add vertical or horizontal lines by painting in a base colour, then lightening the paint to create a soft, contrast stripe. Horizontal stripes make the room look wider, vertical make it look taller.

Adding Interest

If you have a small area that seems a wasted space, create a focal point to give it style and purpose. By adding a chair, chest of drawers, interesting artwork or even just a place to put fresh flowers in a vase can make a dull, unused area more vibrant. Adding a bookshelf where you can display your favourite volumes or creating shelving for special mementos adds a practical solution as well as a point of interest without taking up too much space. A collection of family photos or scenes from your travels always draws interest from visitors. Different frames on the pictures add structure to an otherwise empty wall.

Adding a Sense of Space

The bathroom is often a spot where design and décor is forgotten yet you can create a feeling of space by using the right fittings and features. Replacing a shower rail and curtain with glass takes away barriers to the eye and helps to make the room appear larger. Using clever storage solutions instead of bulky cupboards declutters the room while still providing a place for your toiletries and towels. Keeping the surface of your hand basin clear of clutter also adds a sense of spaciousness.

Adding Privacy

Privacy in the home is important and this is where frosted glass can help. Not only does it provide a screen from the outside world but adds some style to the room. Whether you want to maintain a private space in your bathroom, stop passers-by from seeing inside your home through the side panel near your front door, or if you or your neighbours have a double storey house. You can feel comfortable and safe in every room of your home. Frosted glass softens the sunlight coming into the room helping to make it feel more peaceful.

Adding Personality

No matter what décor you choose, the most important aspect is to add your personality to your home. Furniture may not be perfectly placed, the colours may not exactly match or you may have some restrictions with the size and shape of some rooms. The most helpful thing to remember is that it is your home and should suit you and the things you like to do. The best point to remember is that you can make changes anytime by taking simple, affordable steps and add value to your home by doing so.

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