If you want your customers to return to your business, why not make them feel welcome as soon as they step into your building? This is one part of customer service that can be overlooked but can really pay dividends. This is especially important if your customers need to wait to meet with you or before receiving your services.

What makes a welcoming foyer?  

First and foremost, you need to ensure they can see where you are. Great signage means you have street impact and tells prospective customers that you want to be found. Your signage can also let passers-by know how you can help them solve problems or about the great deals you offer.

Once they step inside your business, customers need to feel the warmth of your welcome. Bright colours, comfortable furniture, plenty of space for them to move around and information designed specifically for them all help your customers to know they’re in the right place. This is backed up by the smile and genuine welcome from you and your staff. Knowing their name creates an excellent impression. It tells them you care about them. If you care enough to remember their name, you’re more likely to care about what they want.

First impressions always count. If your foyer is dirty or untidy, it may tell them that you really don’t care. Taking the time to keep the area free from clutter, the furniture in good order and floors clean makes a big difference to how your customers feel about you and your business.  

Make them feel at home if they have to wait by offering water or hot beverages. It helps to fill in some of the time they have to wait if they can make themselves a coffee, sit back and relax. This is a spot where you can add branded items such as the cups, branded packets of biscuits or chocolates.

Your foyer is a great place to educate them about your business. Have postcards focusing on specific needs or problems and how you can help. They are easy to read and to pass on to their friends and family. Have brochures stored neatly so they can access any information they require.

If you’re looking to help your customers understand and embrace your values, you can have them on show in the foyer and throughout your office. Wallpapers and window films can be customized to include your business logo or vision. If you put them on show, you need to ensure that the way you treat your customers demonstrate those values. Actions speak much louder than words!

Most importantly, you need to tailor your business image to your customers’ requirements, so make sure you get their feedback on a regular basis. They can best guide you on the right colours, furnishings, and decoration that make them feel welcome. Nothing says you care about your customers more than seeking their advice on your business and how you serve them.

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