Have you ever settled down in your lounge to watch television and pesky glare blocks half your screen? Have you ever sat down to work in your study and realised you are actually getting sunburnt? As we (hopefully) move into the warm and sunny end of the year, home window tinting by Teppas is a must! The perfect solution to block glare from the sun, and even more importantly block dangerous UV rays, which has the ability to burn you even on overcast days. Another advantage of blocking the sun and UV rays is the damage that these rays can do to your furniture. With a rise in the trend of dark leather couches, and coloured fabric upholstery, customers are reporting more and more sun damage to their furniture. Don’t spend money on that gorgeous couch without investing in a window tint first. This will ensure your furniture stays looking brand new.

A quality window tint from Teppas also helps to regulate room temperature and helps to hold in cool air, which saves money on air conditioning running costs later on. Even more importantly, it provides security and privacy from intruders or people hanging around your property. This is an extremely important topic currently with the number of local home invasions and brazen intruders stealing car keys from wherever they can see them. A professionally applied home window tint will make it difficult to see inside your home from the outside, possibly providing enough of a deterrent and an obstacle that intruders will simply look for an easier target.

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